Harbour Street by Ann Cleeves

18743339  Another excellent installment in the Vera Stanhope series.  Harbour Street is the main setting of the book and it comes through strongly as the voices of the long-term inhabitants and the descriptions of the place immerse the reader.  A woman is murdered on a train, a train which Joe and his daughter were on returning from a day out.  Her death leads Vera, Joe, and the rest of the investigative team back to Harbour Street.  It’s Christmas time and it seems to have made Vera particularly ill at ease, especially combined with memories of Hector, her father, which keep popping up in this area that he had taken Vera to as a child.   An absorbing read with great characters and atmosphere.

One thought on “Harbour Street by Ann Cleeves

  1. Tina says:

    I have just acquired my first Ann Cleeves book and I’m excited. It’s one from the Shetland series and I thought I’d give that series a go. This is another series on my list. Glad to read you liked this one so well.

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