What My Body Remembers by Agnete Friis


This was a book I noticed on a couple of blogs I follow, so I picked it up from the library.  The story is centered on Ella Nygaard, a young woman with severe PTSD and no memory of early childhood as  result of her mother’s murder.  She has spent her youth in foster care and now has a young son herself.  As a result of her symptoms, she is being judged as unable to care for her child and he is being placed in foster care now (repeating the cycle).  Ella panics and takes her son back to the place she was from.

This is very different from the usual Nordic Noir police procedural.  It is really about Ella rediscovering her past, trying to figure out who she is and in the process protect her son and perhaps move on from the tragic event that has dominated her life.   The character of Ella is realistically drawn.  She is a fascinating woman with many flaws. but a deep sense of love and a need to protect her son that drives her.  This was a captivating  read and I finished it in one sitting!

One thought on “What My Body Remembers by Agnete Friis

  1. Tina says:

    I’ve seen this mentioned too but haven’t picked up a copy yet. If you read it in one sitting then it must be a good one.

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