Best Day Ever by Kaira Rouda

34007977  I received a signed copy of Best Day Ever  from BEA in exchange for a fair review.  **spoilerish review**



This is an excellently written, scary as hell book.  Glimpse into the mind of a narcissistic psychopath, Paul Strom,  and the chaos that he wreaks on those he encounters. It is fascinating to have the book written from his warped point of view.   He is a character I will not soon forget. An excellent example of an unreliable narrator and having the story told in a countdown method (every hour accounted for) are aids to building the tension.  The resolution is very realistic as most people know few of these types of people end up prosecuted.

THE PROBLEM…  The blurb and the reviews on the back of the book basically gave it all away.  The reviews on the book itself tell you he is an unreliable narrator, he is delusional, that he has “something” planned for his wife, etc.  The blurb talks about the couple not being able to trust each other, betrayal destroying a marriage or  duh, duh, duh…life.   So, I began reading knowing the husband was a psycho, knowing he was an unreliable narrator, knowing he wants to kill his wife.  Basically ruined the book and disrupted what would have been a tension filled and suspenseful thriller.  The book is so well written and the hints to his delusions and his wife’s “illness” are sprinkled liberally throughout, it would have been fun to discover the story for myself.