Mrs. by Caitlin Macy

35009611  I received a free signed copy of Mrs. from BEA in exchange for a fair review.

This is an interesting look at wealthy society in New York  mainly through the lenses of the women, the Mrs.-es.  The story spirals between three women Philippa, Minnie and Gwen and how their interactions have repercussions beyond what they could imagine.  The novel explores themes of feminism and marriage, secrets,  Protestant work ethic, motherhood, greed, sexual violence/power,  insider vs. outsider, and justice.

I found it difficult to get into this book initially, perhaps some reverse snobbery on my part?  The problems of the whinging wealthy don’t really resonate with me, however as more of the character’s stories are revealed I was drawn into their lives.  There is some foreshadowing of the ending that was very well done and shows the thought put into the plotline of the novel.  One character’s connection to every single other main character seemed to stretch the disbelief a little and I found that somewhat problematic.  Perhaps this was purposeful, to demonstrate how small the world of the wealthy is?  Everyone knows everyone else?

Overall, a good read that touches on many powerful themes.


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