The Princess of Burundi by Kjell Eriksson

491922  I had read about this book in a magazine and put it on my TBR list.  Unfortunately, this series is impacted by the whole “Translated Out of Order Syndrome” and it really did matter here.  There are references to happenings in the character’s lives that happened prior to the events in The Princess of Burundi, which is somewhat confusing.

I am usually a big fan of Nordic/Scandinavian fiction in general but I struggled with this book and it is not a long novel, under 300 pages.  It felt like a slog to get through and then the ending was just there in a rush and finished with no real denouement at all.  I don’t know whether my problems with this book are due to the translation or the writing.  I couldn’t really connect to the main character, Inspector Ann Lindell.  I did find the victim Little John and his brother’s dynamic interesting and actually his brother’s redemption arc was the best part of the book.  I don’t believe that I will read more in this series.



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