Kissed a Sad Goodbye

11054853  I am working my way through the Duncan Kincaid/Gemma James series, trying to be ready for Book 17 coming out in 2017.  This is book 6 and the series continues to get better and better.  In this book, Duncan is working on his relationship with Kit as a personal sideplot.  As a plot line this is well done and very realistic.  Too often parent – child reunions are pictured as idyllic, happily-ever-after scenarios and that is rarely the case.

The main plot revolves around two families whose fates are intertwined.  The beginning starts with the daughter’s murder and then the history of the families is revealed gradually throughout the book building tension as it goes.  The killer was a shock to me but made perfect sense once all was revealed.  Another great book in this series!



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