The Lake District Murder & Dreaming of the Bones

I read these two last night and thoroughly enjoyed them both. The Lake District Murder by John Bude is one the re-released British Library Crime Classics.  I have read one other by him and loved it so I added the others to my TBR.  In this particular book Inspector William Meredith puzzles his way through a suspicous suicide of a young man who was about to be married and emigrate to Canada. The reader is engaged in puzzling through the mystery with Inspector Meredith as he examines the clues, looks for motives and checks alibis.  His Superintedent gently pushes him along with probing questions about the case.  An excellent mystery read with a beautiful setting, well drawn interesting characters, and good pacing.

The second book for this post is in the Duncan Kincaid/Gemma James series.  I really enjoy reading about both of these characters and seeing the growth and changes they go through during the series.  They are a great duo.  This book, Dreaming of The Bones, is a standout in an already good series.  The mystery involves Duncan’s ex-wife, who he has not seen in many years, an old murder, poetry,  and of course eventually a current crime. Well plotted with quite a few characters, all with different connections to the case, a nicely done letter writing device used sporadically throughout the book and great sub plot involving Gemma, Duncan and his ex.   Highly recommended!

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