Fat Cat Takes the Cake

25893968  The third outing in the A Fat Cat Mystery series.  The series is based around dessert shop co-owner, Chase, her partner Anna and her childhood best friend, Julie.  In this episode, we have a baking competition, a shady real estate deal, a woman in a coma and of course murder.  Chase becomes entangled in the murder when Quincy (fat cat) finds a body with some evidence that implicates Julie.  The mystery is well plotted and has lots of interesting side plots.  Everything comes together to a satisfying conclusion by the end of the book.  A fun quick cozy read.

The Cat Sitter’s Pajamas

12159949  I spent a few hours tonight that I should have been sleeping, reading instead.  Once I started this I could not put it down.  I have read a couple other Cat Sitter Mysteries and enjoyed them as well.  Dixie Hemingway, cat sitter and crime solver, stumbles first across an intruder in a client’s home and then a body.  This puts Dixie right in the thick of the investigation, whether she wants to be or not.  The plot twists and turns involving counterfeit goods, the FBI, Interpol, supermodels and more.

What sets this series apart from many cozies is the pacing, it is paced more like a thriller.  It keeps you turning the pages with the momentum of the story, however it still manages to pay attention to the cast of recurring characters allowing the reader to “get to know them” through their interactions with Dixie.  Excellent mystery series.  I would highly recommend it to fans of cozies or traditional mysteries.