Faithful Unto Death & Leave the Grave Green

   I picked up this at the library, as I am close to finishing the Chief Inspector Barnaby series, in books anyway.  The TV show, Midsomer Murders is much longer.  I vaguely remember the episode based off of this book but that didn’t detract from reading the book at all.

 Chief Inspector Barnaby and his sidekick Troy have a good working relationship, even if Troy gets fustrated at times.  The mystery revolves around a missing woman with a husband who is acting in a peculiar manner and gives a reason for his wife’s absence that doesn’t seem right.  A death occures and C.I. Barnaby finds himself and Troy, in the middle of what had begun as a missing persons case but had evolved into murder? suicide?  An extremely manipulative antagonist leads the reader through red herrings and mis cues  until Barnaby solves the entire case.  Well written and engaging, this is a series well worth reading even if you have watched the TV show.

 This is the third book in the Duncan Kincaid & Gemma James series.  In this book, a young man dies in a way very similar to his wife’s brother.  The family has secrets and they seem to be hindering the investigation, so it is up to Duncan and Gemma to figure out what is going on and how it is impacting today.  Themes of love, regret, denial and betrayal are woven into the mystery.  In this book, we also see a progression in Duncan and Gemma’s relationship and partnership.  I enjoyed both the mystery and the development in the main characters here.  Good, solid mystery read.

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