Service of All the Dead & He Who Fears The Wolf


Two very different mystery reads.

Service of All the Dead, is an Inspector Morse novel and as such it is more dialog heavy and involves intricate plotting.  In this particular episode, the plot is very confusing and you have to follow closely to avoid getting confused.  Morse doesn’t get everything right but he  has the main idea.  There are lots of leads and characters so it is definitely a denser read than the Karin Fossum book.  Not my favorite so far of the Morse books but still quite enjoyable.

He Who Fears the Wolf involves a murdered farmer, an escaped mental patient, a bank robber and an escaped juvenile delinquent.  Through some unbelievable coincidences, the three, the bank robber and the two escapees end up together in the woods awaiting capture.  This was an okay read, however with no really likeable characters or mystery to solve, it was not that engaging for me.  There is a side plot involving Inspector Sejer but that really didn’t fix the book for me.  I did really enjoy the second book in this series so perhaps this one is just a miss for me.