Persuading Annie by Melissa Nathan

Last night’s read was this chick lit form Melissa Nathan.  Persuading Annie centers around Annie Markham and her “family”, two sisters, a best friend, a godmother, a father and maybe wanna be stepmother.  The family is wealthy but in financial trouble and they hire a consultant to get them out of it by saving the family business.  The consultant turns out to be a man that Annie had been involved with a young college student.

THis didn’t work for me…at all.  The characters were either carboard cutouts or too stupid to live.  The issues were thrown at you in a something for everyone type fashion,  infertility issues, being a “bad mother”, bulemia, older men with younger women, losing a mother in childhood, manipulation,  and jealousy.  All placed in a setting of extraordinary entitlement and wealth.  I just couldn’t relate.

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