Jamie Begley – The Last Rider’s Series

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Continuing with the theme of Motorcycle alpha males began last week with Reaper’s Property, I downloaded and read the Last Rider’s Series by Jamie Begley through my turkey coma.  Fun, steamy erotic romances with alpha male biker heros and various respectable good girl heroines thrown in for the ride.

As with any of this genre, you do need to practice some belief suspension, but the characters and the pace of the plot pull the reader along.  The characters are what really drive these books, flawed but you end of rooting for them.  The characters recur throughout the books so by the third one the reader feels they really got to know them well.

The only negative that I would say is that they needed a better editor.  There were some odd or just plain wrong word usages in the books, in fact one that made me snort with laughter, and some other things that a good editor would have corrected.

I am looking forward to the next book, the one that the series has been building up to, Shade’s story.