Rumour Has it by Jill Mansell and Getting Over It by Anna Maxted


I read these two over the weekend.  I picked up both them at my local independent bookshop, Booktrader of Hamilton.  

I loved everything about Rumour Has It.  From the characters (Tilly, among others, was awesome), to the interconnected plot lines, to the setting, it all made for a wonderful read with an all important (to me, for this kind of book anyway) Happily Ever After ending.  The characters that Jill Mansell created here are varied and well developed and make me care about what happens to them.  I have a hard time reading books where I don’t care what happens to the characters.  I need to make some connection and that definitely happens here.  Well written, both funny and heartbreaking, in all it is a very enjoyable read.

I picked up Anna Maxted’s Getting Over It because the cover looked interesting in part, but also because I am constantly admonishing my kids to “get over it” or “suck it up” so I connected to the title.  I struggled with this book, but I can’t entirely say why.  I will admit to skimming somewhere in the middle out of sheer  desperation.  I don’t really get the blurb on the cover – “Hilarious” -USA Today.  Hmmm, not so much, no.  

I think my major issue was that the main character seemed so self absorbed and completely in her own plane of existence.  I think this feeling really was emphasized due to the book being written in the first person, it seemed like the pages were inundated with “I”s. (really – open the book to a random page and count the number of  “I”s on that page and you will get into the double digits)   I get that she showed growth, sort of,  matured, sort of, got over it, sort of…  Anyway, not the book for me, but must have worked for many, many people because it was a National Bestseller (also on the cover) and an Independent Book Seller’s Book Sense Pick.  {{shrugs}}  Moving on..