Under the Dome by Stephen King


I finally finished it!  I felt like a trudged along forever through this book.  I used to read a lot of Stephen King and I loved Salem’s Lot but I just couldn’t get into this.  Don’t get me wrong it is well written and Stephen King really does description well, allowing the reader to picture every scene.  I think if you are a fan of Stephen King, especially the older King, this has a similar feel to it and you will probably like it.   It reminded me of The Stand to some extent.

The premise is basically a town gets sealed off from everything by a giant dome one day.  There are various accidents and events until people realize the dome is there.  Once the townsfolk realize what is happening, there the struggle for power, a fight between good and evil, maybe Lord of the Flies without the island?   There is some non-consensual sex and some gruesome scenes, but nothing I wouldn’t have expected.

I think I am just not into reading this kind of science fiction and the commitment this book required at 1,100+ pages was too much when I wasn’t really into it.

One thought on “Under the Dome by Stephen King

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