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I will start this brief review  by saying that for me Marian Keyes can do no wrong.  I love her books and her sense of humor.  This book was no exception.  The characters were funny and engaging.  The mystery was well thought out, with red herrings, some quite clever.  The book is ostensibly about a missing “rock star”, I’ll use that term loosely since he is a former boy band member.  What the book is really about is depression, both having depression and others reactions to it.  I found it to be an honest and refreshing treatment of the subject.  Too often women’s fiction about depression takes itself so seriously that the books themselves are depressing and having been there I can tell you that is the last thing you need.  The dialogue, both inner and actual, reveals truths about depression with an accuracy that can only be expressed by someone who has been there.  Overall, an  interesting mystery plot, enjoyable characters, laugh out loud humor all add up to a highly recommended read.

I really, really tried to like this book.  I enjoyed the first in the series.  The theme of a literary agency is one that is really interesting (I like book related themes). .  In the first book, the main character was likable and I found that I could relate to her, a single working mother with college aged child.  This book was the second in the series, I ordered it from the library right  after I finished the first one.  This outing had several issues, first the culprit is obvious almost  from the first ten pages, so obvious that you keep thinking it must be a red herring but it isn’t .  Lila, the protagonist, rather than being a character I can relate to from the first book, is almost hysterical, jumping to conclusions and racing around like a chicken with her head cut off.  Then she veers off into hand wringing guilt, that only seems attention seeking to me.  The reveal was a let down because there was no mystery to it.  The subplot about the co-op just seems contrived and unnecessary, as though it was just thrown in as an excuse to get rid of the co-op in future books in the series.  Very disappointed in this outing in what I thought was going to be  a great series.

2 thoughts on “Marian Keyes and Lucy Arlington

  1. I sad to hear the second Lucy Arlington was a let down, because I liked the first one too. I’ve met one half of the authors who make up Lucy Arlington, Ellery Adams. She’s a local author and she does signings quite a lot, so I’ll probably end up picking this up anyway, but I probably won’t be pushing it up tbr pile! Thanks for participating in my meme!!

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