Insomnia strikes again, enough so that I read two books.  One, The Glass Wives, I had actually started in Barnes and Noble so I was about a third of the way through.

The Glass Wives by Amy Sue Nathan is about family, infidelity, divorce, and trust.  The premise is that a man has died leaving behind an ex-wife and  a new wife, who just happened to be the mistress that precipitated the divorce from the first Mrs. Glass.  Both women have children and this is what initially forces them to maintain contact and a relationship with each other, even though the first Mrs. Glass would probably rather crawl across broken glass.  Their situation is a little contrived but ok.  The financial issues of a provider dying drives  the story.  I don’t really want to say more because it would give away the plot but I will say that this was something I could relate to and  it pulled me into the story.

The first Mrs. Glass, Evie, is a very likable, well drawn character and I really feel for her and understand her fears for the financial security of her children, all very realistic.  The second Mrs. Glass, Nicole, I didn’t find likable, but that was okay because it gave me someone to root against in the story.  I enjoyed the book.  It was a very quick read.  I wasn’t wholly satisfied with the ending but I feel that it was an ending that seemed to flow naturally from the story.

The Bright Side of Disaster by Katherine Center was….let’s just paint a picture for you.  We’ve all had that friend who recently had a baby, who could not shut up about every gruesome detail of their lamaze class, labor, delivery, breastfeeding, sleepless nights, teething, the agony of deciding between cloth or disposable, the color of certain functions ….  If you are the person who listened intently, oohing and aahing in  all the right places, thrilled with  these details of the miracles of birth, then this is definitely the book for you.  If, however you are the one whose eyes glazed over and your only thought was “been there, done that, have the t-shirt, just get over it” or “TMI”, then you probably want to avoid it.  I would rate it 1 star, so you can probably guess which category I fall into.

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