Jenn McKinlay: Due or Die



Cozy mystery time is here again.  I picked up this book and another in the series Book, Line, and Sinker.  I am reading it out of order, primarily because my library didn’t have the first in the series.  For some reason, when it comes to cozies that is often the case, oh well.

This was a well written library-centric cozy.  Usually any cozies that have to do with books or reading are some of my favorite.  The characters are cute, classic “small town” types.  The librarian is the “upstart newcomer from the big city” who disrupts the way the library has been run by “the lemon”, a sour faced librarian.  There is a circle of friends who gather to craft, gossip and support the Lindsey, the newcomer.  A misunderstood, bad boy ex-convict, who seems like he may become important later in the series and many others.  This is the primary weakness in the book, the characters are a little too flat or stereotypical, but it is still early in the series so perhaps they are not developed yet.

The plot is well done and the mystery and clues are convincing.  It was an engaging read and paced well.  I will read Book, Line and Sinker next to see where the story goes.