Tea and Elephants


“There are few nicer things than sitting up in bed, drinking strong tea, and reading.”
― Alan Clark

So true…as I sit here living this quote.  I’m a huge fan of Williamson Tea, particularly the English Breakfast and the Afternoon varieties.  There is something about  a pot of tea all to yourself, when the rest of the house is sleeping, that seems decadent, in a most comforting way.  It reminds me that sometimes the simplest pleasures are the best.

Kyra Davis: Sex, Murder and A Double Latte

Just finished last night.   This book is from the Red Dress Ink publishers, a now defunct outfit.  I belong to a group on Goodreads dedicated to this publisher’s books and this is the read for this month.  I have read other books in the series previously (out of order) .

I found the book had several  funny  lines or moments, which is always a plus, but I also found Sophie Katz, the  lead character, immature, impulsive and a little irritating and some of the other characters a little cartoonish.  I don’t  remember coming away with that impression from the other books in the series that I read previously.   So, either my memory is faulty, truly possible, or Sophie matures in the later books and the recurring characters are developed further, or maybe I’m just aging out of the demographics for this book….hmmm.

The mystery was mainly driven by red herrings, Sophie chased after them with wild abandon.  It was an entertaining, fast moving mystery plot. Something was always happening.  I had  figured out Anatoly’s  story line for the most part prior to the reveal, but  other story lines I did not.   The book is well written and edited.   I would say based on my experience that this is a series that improves in the later books.  I often find that the case for first books in a series.

If you enjoy light mysteries that are fast paced and have humorous interludes aimed at the “Sex and the City” set, I think you would enjoy this book.