I received a free ebook of this title from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.

I have been reading several books of this ilk, including Hygge, Lagom, and Sisu among others.  This particular lifestyle trend is Dutch in origin and has to do with the “art of doing nothing”,  something I used to be quite good at as child, but seemed to have lost the knack for as I aged.  The Author writes as an outsider who moved to the Netherlands and observes the culture through that lens.

There are many anecdotes and snippets of interviews or quotes of what people have said sprinkled throughout the book.  It is written in a very friendly, conversational style.  I found it really easy to sit back with a cup of coffee and my feet up on the couch and read.  I did like that the author pointed out not every suggestion works for each person and to take what fits in your life or your circumstances. At the end of each section, there are questions to think about how you can relate what you read to your own life.   On the whole, I enjoyed reading it and found it on par or better than some other lifestyle books that are circulating now.

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