The Wife’s Choice


I received a free ebook of this title from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.

The Wife’s Choice revolves around the choice to tell the truth or to continue to lie, a lie of omission but still really a lie.  To choose to continue to live a life of safety and convenience by going along with all her husband Hugh’s decisions or to stand up to him and make her own choices.  To choose to pursue a dream long put aside of a career in textiles versus staying home safely, perhaps picking up some dressmaking work here or there.   This is what faces Alys almost right from the first few pages of the novel.

As the book unfolds, the reader is taken with Alys as she faces choices and the consequences for choices she has made or simply not made but just allowed to happen by default.  Losing her job and having someone from her past reenter her life serve as a catalyst to force Alys to reexamine the path she is on and decide if it is right for her.

Alys is a very relatable character and as a reader you do find yourself rooting for her along the way.  Her “secret” was to me, pretty obvious, long before we got there in the book.  However, that was not really important enough to detract from my  enjoyment of the story.  A good hopeful women’s fiction read.

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