Deliver Us From Evil, A Glass of Blessings, Roast Mortem, & Think of a Number


Deliver Us From Evil is book 20 in a series which I have read none of.  This was an interesting case involving a woman who dies of hypothermia after being held prisoner somewhere.  Finding her identity raises more questions than answers and leads the detectives all the way to Canada in an attempt to discover what happened.  This was an engaging mystery read.

A Glass of Blessings is a classic from Barbara Pym.  I love her understated humor and her slice of life depictions from the period after the WW II.  This story revolves around a childless wife who fills her empty hours with visiting the local church and the priests who are assigned there.  Barbara Pym writes about the regular occurrences in Wilmet’s life in a thoroughly engaging manner making for a really enjoyable read.

Roast Mortem is book 9 in Cleo Coyle’s Coffeehouse mystery.  This was an exciting installment in this charming series.  A serial arsonist appears to be targeting coffeehouses in New York City.  Clare finds herself drawing the arsonist’s attention and the attention of a fireman who has a beef with Mike, her love interest.  Fun cozy mystery read.

Think of a Number by John Verden is book 1 in the Dave Gurney series.  Dave Gurney is supposed to be retired, but he finds himself dragged into a puzzling situation by a friend he hasn’t seen in years.  The case involves a serial killer who sends puzzling notes to his prospective victims.   This was an okay police procedural.  I am not sure if I will be reading more in this series.







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