Death in Paris by Emilia Bernhard


Death in Paris is a lovely slice of life for an American ex-pat living in Paris.  The sleuths are a pair of friends who decide to investigate the death of one of their ex-boyfriends under what appears to them, but no one else as suspicious circumstances.  Rachel and her best friend Magda insert themselves into the upper crust world of financier Edgar Bowen  as they try to work out how and why he died.

The novel does an extremely good job of painting a picture of Paris.  There are a great deal of sensory details and explanations of why people like Rachel are attracted to it and then remain there.  There is definitely a well developed sense of place.  The same attention is also given to the details in describing the characters and giving you a sense of who all of them were to Edgar.  There is a lot of detail throughout this novel.  A good read for traditional mystery fans.

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