No Good Tea Goes Unpunished & The Stone Circle

No Good Tea Goes Unpunished is book 2 in the A Seaside Cafe Mystery.  Everly is organizing a wedding on the beach for a former classmate and her wealthy fiance.  The wedding seems to be a success until someone ends up dead, done in with the knife intended to cut the cake.  Everly can’t help but stick her nose in as the bride is a friend and strange things keep happening to draw her into the mystery.  Great mystery plot and a couple interesting side plots, one a budding romance, the other involving Everly’s Aunts, their beekeeping business and bee conservation.  Very good cozy mystery read.

The Stone Circle is book 11 in the Ruth Galloway Mystery Series.  I really think this is one of the better installments in the series.  Revisiting shades of Erik the Viking, from earlier books and  the earlier cases.  I do think reading this series in order would make the reader appreciate it more, but you could probably read it as a stand alone if you wanted to.  Ruth is called to examine some remains found in a Stone Circle at the same time that DCI Nelson begins getting letters again regarding a cold case.  Then another body is found and this one is definitely not from the Iron Age.  The letters keep coming and Nelson and his team have to try to solve a case complicated by obvious connections to an already dead suspect.  There is the ongoing subplot of the love triangle between Ruth, Nelson and Michelle.  Cathbad and Judy’s family also feature prominently in this installment.  Very good mystery read.

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