The Spook in the Stacks & Holiday Grind

I am working my way back through my FictFact account.  Trying to finish series that I had lost track of with the influx of new ones.   These are two more great cozy mystery series, that I was able to get the next book I needed from the library.

The Spook in the Stacks is book 4 in the A Lighthouse Library Mystery series by Eva Gates. I love the setting for this series, a library in a lighthouse on the Outer Banks.  I took a vacation there a long time ago and it is really a beautiful place.  Lucy Richardson not only works as a librarian at the lighthouse, she also lives there in a tiny apartment on the upper floors, it sounds just divine to me!

In this installment, the library is up for receiving a substantial donation in the form of cash and a collection of historical documents.  The donor visits the library several times to try to make his decision.  One of those visits, someone leaves in a body bag.  Lucy is desperate to protect the library’s reputation and solve the murder.  This is all occurring while Connor is busy with his election campaign to remain mayor of the town.  This is a great installment in a really entertaining series.

Holiday Grind is a Christmas installment of Cleo Coyle’s A Coffeehouse Mystery series.  Clare Cosi is determined to discover who murdered her friend and customer, Alf, a traveling Santa.  She enlists the help of Esther, one of her employees and even her ex-husband tags along for some of the events.  Her romance with Mike Quinn is still buzzing along nicely, even though they both have busy lives.  Whiffs of blackmail, insurance scams, loan sharking and just general skullduggery are blended together  with  great characters and an awesome setting, like one of the Coffeehouse’s custom drinks.  This is another great installment in the series.

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