The Cracked Spine

25663657  A friend loaned me this first in the A Scottish Bookshop Mystery series and I am so glad that she did.  The Cracked Spine was a very good cozy.  At times I felt the protagonist, Delaney, pushed the bounds of belief with her sleuthing, but overall she is a likable character and easy to relate to.  I loved the setting.  The sense of place is well developed and immersive and is what makes the book for me.  Delaney has come to Scotland to take a job at a specialized rare books and antiquities shop after having a few years of museum and preservation experience.  She is immediately drawn into an investigation when someone connected to the  shop dies and a valuable artifact goes missing.  A charming cozy read, I will definitely read more in this series.  I already added it to my Fictfact tracker.