Live and Let Chai & The Whole Enchilada


Live and Let Chai was an impulse buy from Barnes and Noble for me and I was really happy that I picked it up.  Everly Swan has returned home after leaving for culinary school and romance.  She’s opening a beachfront tea, as in iced tea, shop using secret Swan family recipes handed down through the generations.  When a customer dies after drinking one of her teas, Everly’s whole business and home is put at risk.  She investigates to clear her name, butting heads with the new detective in town the whole way.  Well written, fully fleshed out characters, with an interesting mystery plot, I will definitely read the next in this series when it comes out in February 2019.

I have put off reading The Whole Enchilada for a long time because I really didn’t want the Goldy series to end.  This was written in such a way to provide nice closure for this long running series, a giant among the food based mysteries.  The recurring characters are in evidence here and the mystery is interesting  and fun to read. A surprising  change in life occurs for Goldy and Tom in this book, one that I wasn’t expecting.   All in all a bittersweet farewell to a cozy character that I  related to and loved reading about over the years.  If you haven’t read this series, I’d suggest going back to the beginning and starting with book 1.

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