Original Skin by David Mark

16158497This is book 2 in the Aector McAvoy series.  Aector gets permission to look into a death with an open verdict.  What he finds leads to a twisting, turning case involving very important people of the political variety and secret (or not so secret) sex clubs.  Aector juggles this case along with an outbreak of violence due to a drug turf war in Hull under the supervision of Trish Pharoah, his boss in the Serious and Organized Crime Unit.  Themes of bigotry, power, love and family are all explored here.

The depiction of the relationship between Aector and his wife, Roisin is particularly well done and is such a strong and moving relationship.  They truly are a couple united against all the forces that want to see them apart.  I am really enjoying this series and looking forward to reading more.

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