Death of a Hussy & Death of a Prankster

Much like the Agatha Raisin series, I’ve read quite a few of these but not in any particular order and  it was quite a long time ago.  I’m going back now and trying to fill in some gaps.

Death of a Hussy follows a young cancer survivor taken in by her not so benevolent aunt, the so-called Hussy of the title.  The aunt is older now but had quite a colorful past which she intends to tell the world about in a no hold barred memoir.  Hamish must sort through all the suspects and try to find a motive for the murder while fending off the unwanted attentions of the lonely, somewhat desperate Alison.  I found Hamish to be somewhat more standoffish in this book than I remembered him from earlier reads, but I enjoyed this quick cozy mystery.

Death of a Prankster takes place on a country estate, where a group of people gather to try to ensure their place in the will of bullying prankster of a relative.  This is a take on the classic manor house mystery, with everyone a suspect and few iron clad alibis.  Hamish must sort through the suspects and their backgrounds to solve the murder.  A quite humorous reveal scene at the end of the book.  Another very quick cozy read in an excellent series.