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Insomnia strikes so I am updating my latest reads.  The first one is Blood Lines, I received a free copy of this title from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.  This is the 5th book in the D.I. Kim Stone series.  I have read the first Kim Stone book and enjoyed it but fell behind on the series so I am reading this out-of-order.

Kim Stone is reconnected with an old nemesis, sociopath Dr. Alex Thorne, whilst she is in the midst of another case.  D.I. Stone is pushed and pulled between the current murder case and the trouble that Dr. Thorne is stirring up.

This was a great read.  Thrilling and interesting, with a wealth of  engaging characters, it kept me turning the pages long after I should have gone to sleep.  I was fascinated by the workings of Dr. Thorne’s mind and what she was able to achieve through her machinations while “safely” behind bars.  The resolution of D.I. Stone’s mother’s storyline played out well and gave reader’s a real understanding of D.I. Stone and what drives her as a person and an officer.

The main murder case storyline highlighted the importance of the team as a unit and gave time to each of the members.  There were red herrings and multiple leads that the team waded through before being able to tie it all together in a “down to the wire” finish.

I would highly recommend this and fully intend to go back and read the other books in the series.

The Ghost Fields is book 7 in the Ruth Galloway series.  Ruth is a forensic archaeologist, who often gets involved in solving crimes on top of being a college instructor and running archaeological digs.  In this case Ruth’s daughter is starting school.  Nelson is trying to be part of his daughter’s life and maintain his marriage.  The other regular crew of recurring characters are also present in this outing in the series.

The strongest point in all the Ruth Galloway books  has been the wonderful sense of place that they evoke and that is still true in this book.  The setting is so well-formed that it really becomes an essential art of the story.  I did find the mystery in this book was rather weak  considering the  murder happened in the war so the killer had to be in his or her 80s and there weren’t a ton of characters in that age range.  It seemed as though Nelson really didn’t investigate and everything was just sort of stumbled upon.  I am also getting a little weary of the Ruth-Nelson will they, won’t they storyline.

I have loved these books since the beginning but this one is definitely a weak outing in the series.

Night Blind by Ragnar Jonasson is the 2nd in the Dark Iceland series.  This takes place 5 years after the setting of the first book.  Ari Thor is with his girlfriend and they have a young child now.  He was recently denied a promotion and has a new boss since Tomas moved south.

Another good read in this series.  Ari Thor is a complex character with a past and a complicated relationship.  The story begins with a shooting and then Ari’s attempts to solve it are interspersed with diary entries from a mental hospital patient.  The book ties it all together in the end, solving the case and other crimes along the way.  There are themes of domestic violence, drug abuse, and mental illness.

This is a book with a well-developed sense of place. This is truly atmospheric as the reader is immersed in the feelings of being in Siglufjordur.  The setting evokes feelings of isolation and dread.  Really enjoyed this and will be interested to see what the next books bring.

Killing Kate is a  serial killer mystery read.  There is a serial killer in Kate’s home town and he is killing women that look like her.  That is enough to give anyone the heebie jeebies.   Kate was on holiday when it started but now she’s home and on top of the serial killer, she has an ex who is still somewhat persistent.  The main theme explored is domestic violence.  This was a quick read but not one that really grabbed me as anything special.

One thought on “Blood Lines and other reads…

  1. Tina says:

    Blood Lines and Ghost Fields appeal to me. I love a series. I have started a notebook listing series I want to tackle.

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