The Scarred Woman and The Wolves of Winter

The Scarred Woman is book 7 in the Department Q series, which is one of my favorite series.  I love the relationships that the team of Carl, Assad, Rose and now Gordon have developed over time.  In this book, there is a lot going on and you certainly can’t see how it will be all pulled together in the end but it works.  There are even threats to the existence of Department Q itself.  Rose has an extensive subplot that is heartbreaking and gives loads of insight into her character.  My only tiny criticism would be that the reader spends a lot of time in the killer’s mind and I would have liked to see more of Carl’s thoughts.

Another great story in this series.  Love the characters, the setting, and the mystery plots!

The Wolves of Winter is a book I saw recommended somewhere and added to my library list.  It seems to have a bit of an identity crisis, it is marketed as an adult science fiction, but it read like a YA novel. The protagonist is a little old (23) but other than that it really feels YA-ish.  This is a post apocalyptic book with a little bit of Soldier (the Kurt Russell movie) thrown in.  Predictable.  No surprises.  The people you expect to be the bad guys are the bad guys.  The good guy and girl are “super-human” each in their own ways.