Ice Lake by John A. Lenahan

35126380  Finished this on my Kindle last night, to be honest I don’t even remember when I bought it or why.  Might have been recommended to me or I may have just read about it on a blog.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I liked the detective, Harry Cull, retired from the police force due to a personal tragedy and now working as a freelance investigator mainly in the field of interrogation and lie detection.  Harry gets a call from a state trooper who is investigating a murder in rural Pennsylvania and intrigued, Harry takes the case and we get plunged into life and death in the small town.

The relationship between Harry and his state Trooper friend Cirba is engaging and fun with lots of banter and obvious deep friendship between the two.  I think that the characterization of the victim is actually the strongest point of the book.  We really get to “know” Bill, who he was before he was a body in the woods, what motivated him, who loved him and who he loved.  For a victim who is dead within the first couple pages, he has a strong emotional impact.  I really wanted to see his killer punished.

The book explores fracking and the impact on a community and the environment as a major plot point and I found that interesting and more than a little scary.  A side plot involving a teen environmental warrior added humor and felt very current.

The weakness of the book was in the resolution, I think it was a bit of a stretch.  I will say that it might just be me, I’m not a huge fan of organized crime storylines.  Overall a solid mystery read.

2 thoughts on “Ice Lake by John A. Lenahan

  1. Tina says:

    Overall it sounds like a satisfying read but I do like resolution. I am starting to make a list for my 2018 goals. That sounds so far away, doesn’t it? But it’s only weeks away!

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