Telling Tales & I See You


Telling Tales is book 2 in the Vera Stanhope series and is just such a great police procedural.  I started reading it while cooking Thanksgiving dinner and had such a hard time tearing myself away every time I had to stop to tend to some cooking.  Vera is her usual insightful, stodgy, and somewhat unnerving self.

In this mystery an old case that was thought to be solved is now reopened and Vera is brought in as a new set of eyes.  The death of young girl in the past is tied to the death of a young man in the current day.  The witnesses and survivors from the original case are brought back together and secrets and lies are brought to light through Vera’s digging.  Great writing, wonderful sense of place, intricate plotting of the mystery, and well drawn characters, Vera is one of my favorite detectives.  Highly recommended read!!

I See You is  what I guess would be a domestic thriller.  Zoe finds her picture in the personals, only she didn’t put it there.  She then sees a pattern with other women’s pictures and crimes that are occurring.  The sense of menace gradually builds as the story winds its way through Zoe’s life.  The crime has a very modern feel with the cyber crime hook and the liberal use of CCTV.  The writer gives you glimpses into the villain’s thoughts with journal type entries that are inserted between chapters.  They are well done, short enough that they don’t disrupt the flow of the book and  vague enough that they do not give away the resolution.

The book has a great sense of tension that builds throughout, great red herrings, and a twist at the resolution that is very well done.  Good pacing, a quick read that I finished in one sitting.