For the Sake of Elena by Elizabeth George

6446004  This is book 5 in the Inspector Lynley series.  I have watched the entire series on TV and am now working my way through the books.  I love the characters in this series, Lynley and his sidekick Havers, Helen, and St. James and they are all here in For the Sake of Elena.

This outing in the series involves the murder of a university professor’s d(D)eaf daughter, the Elena of the title.  As the case unwinds it involves infidelity, Deaf culture, parental alienation, and the nature of inspiration or creativity.  As the case goes on there are subplots involving Lynley, Helen, and Helen’s sister’s postpartum depression and Haver’s dilemma about her aging mother’s care.  The storylines are written sensitively and add depth as the character’s grapple with these issues.  Another great book, in a series I really enjoy.

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