Colorless by Haurki Murakami

20582450  I just finished Colorless and I probably still have more questions than answers, however I really enjoyed the book.  The title character or “colorless” one is Tsukuru Tazaki, he is the only  one of a group of friends, who does not have a color in his name.  An event occurs splintering the group and the impact of this effects Tsukuru for years afterwards, until he meets Sara, who  gently insists that he seeks out the root of his emotional detachment.

There is a lot to explore here from the meaning behind the “colors” of the characters – white, black, red,blue and grey, to the metaphor of the trains and trains stations,  to Tsukuru’s disturbing and erotic dreams.  There are points in which the line between reality and fantasy are blurred leaving the reader questioning what has actually happened.  I don’t want to give any spoilers so that is all I will say about that.

The main take away from the book seems to be to live in the present and not the past.  Don’t be afraid to grow and change, you can’t be stagnant and stay in one place (at the station).  You have to get on the train.

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