Death in the Holy Orders by P.D. James

3825  This is book 11 in the Dalgliesh series by P.D. James.  In this mystery, Dalgliesh is called to reopen a case that  concerns a small religious college that is known to him from his youth.  He is surprised to find the warden of the school still on the premises and he even gets his old room back for the duration of his stay. The case involves the death of a student that originally had been thought to  have been an accident, but was it suicide or murder? and why?  Someone thinks so.  Enough so they sent a letter to the young man’s family telling them to investigate.  The college is in danger of being closed and the death being investigated may be connected or not.

The story unravels at a steady pace. Dalgliesh investigates thoroughly uncovering clues and inconsistencies as he goes.   There are  interwoven plotlines about  expensive art, unknown family connections, religious artifacts, guests and staff with their own secrets and agendas, and power struggles within the church hierarchy. These all come together to make for a compelling mystery read.  Another great book in this series!

One thought on “Death in the Holy Orders by P.D. James

  1. This sounds like a very satisfying series! I will have to remember to look it up when I am in the mood for some mystery 🙂

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