After Rain by William Trevor

493323  This is my second William Trevor read and it is a collection of short stories.   This collection  shines with the quality of William Trevor’s wordsmithing.  His  writing was exquisite in this collection and I enjoyed every one of these gems, from the The Piano Tuner’s Wives, a story about a man’s second wife usurping the memory of the first to The Potato Dealer,  about a man paid to marry an unwed pregnant girl with unexpectedly melancholic consequences.  My favorite was probably A Day, a slice of life of a wife keeping her husband’s secret, even from him.

I would highly recommend this book, even if you are not normally a reader of short stories.   The stories feel like a window into  people’s lives, their hopes, dreams and fears.  There is a sense of authentic emotion in the writing.    William Trevor is definitely a master of his craft.


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