Crime on the Fens

30647648  This is one of the reads this month over at the Kindle English Mystery Book Club on Goodreads.  DI Nikki Galena has survived traumatic events but they have left a mark on her which impacts her interactions and relationships with others and has left her with a burning desire more for vengeance than justice.  She is partnered with Joe as a last chance to redeem her career.  Nikki & Joe and their team of misfits investigate a crime spree that includes murder, assault, kidnapping, and random acts of violence perpetrated by villains wearing grotesque masks.

I did enjoy the fast paced action and want to the find out the resolution.  The sense of place was well-developed and gives a feeling of tension as the reader waits for what will happen next.  I did find that the reveal about the forces behind all the interconnected crimes was a little hard to believe, however there was enough good here that I would read another in the series.  The characters in particular are engaging and show depth and emotion very well.

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