Hiss and Tell & A Premonition of Murder


Still not getting much reading done with work on the Save Our Cozies Readathon, PD for work and life in general taking up much of my time.  I did squeeze these two in, Hiss and Tell and A Premonition of Murder.

Hiss and Tell is a Sunny and Shadow Mystery and is book 4 in that series.  I really like the scenes in these books from Shadow’s perspective.  The mystery in this one centers on scandals, blackmail and a Kennedy-esque style family trying to desperately keep it all under wraps.  Sunny gets invited in as a reporter/investigator and Shadow tags along for the ride.  I really enjoyed this story with its multiple suspects and complex storyline.  Sunny showed more growth in this book than she had in the others, perhaps because we see her out of her comfort zone of her father’s house and the town for much of the book.  Good mystery and characters!  Recommended read for cozy fans.

A Premonition of Murder is book 3 in the A Dream Club Mystery.  This series is set in Savannah, Georgia and the setting is well established through local color used in the books.  In this book, Taylor and Ali are invited to an exclusive luncheon and meet a society dame, who is later killed.   The mystery includes theft, murder, and an old unsolved crime and of course, dreams and their interpretations.  A fun and engaging mystery with a really interesting theme.

One thought on “Hiss and Tell & A Premonition of Murder

  1. Mary Kennedy is who started me out on cozy mysteries. If it had not been for reading the first in this series, I would not be the avid cozy mystery reader I am now.

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