I haven’t been getting too much reading done with school just coming back into session, but I did read these two.  The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn is book book 3 in the Inspector Morse series.  The characterizaiton of Morse is very true to the TV series (or the TV series is true to the books).  Well done intricate plotting, multiple suspects and motives to sort through along with Morse and his long suffering sidekick Lewis.  These are really well written and engaging police procedurals.  I would recommend reading them in order to watch Morse and Lewis progress over time.

A Great Deliverance by Elizabeth George is book 1 in the Inspector Lynley series.  I have watched the whole series on DVD and read a couple of the books out of order but now I am beginning at book 1.  I loved this opening to the series.  It gave such insight into Lynley’s and especially Havers.  Her life is much more bleak than portrayed in the TV series.  It really shows that the characters grow and develop over time of the series.  I highly recommend this one.

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