Some Thriller Reads…

Over the last week or so I’ve managed to read these three thrillers.  The Treatment is book 2 in the Detective Jack Caffery series.  This was this month’s read on the English Kindle Mystery Club at Goodreads. I read Birdman quite some time ago and I remember it being graphically violent and very disturbing.  The Treatment is less graphic but just as disturbing..  Mo Hayder’s writing is very engaging.  Her books are well written and certainly pull the reader in, but the crimes being investigated are extremely disturbing.  I did find Jack’s personal life distracting in this book, moreso than I remember in the first.  Well written, very dark psychological thriller involving child victims.

Bones of You also involves a child who goes missing and ultimately is found dead in nearby woods.  Other than those similarities, this book and The Treatment are nothing alike.  Bones of You is told from the point of view of Kate, a neighbor to the child, with excerpts from the child’s thoughts leading us up to the crime. The only tension really left in the story was the presence of a second child, who might be at risk. This was an okay mystery, but I found the villain pretty obvious,  mainly because the red herrings were heavy handed.

The Purity of Vengeance was my favorite read of these three.  I have enjoyed every book so far in the Department Q series.  In this book Carl Morck and his team are working on tying together a series of cold cases, in which the crimes occurred in same short time period.  Each team member brings his or her particular skills to the case to tie up the loose ends.  Carl Morck’s home life is also underging some changes, with Moerck’s divorce finally being settled, Morten being involved in a relationship, and Hardy appears to be making some improvement.  Well written mystery with many twists and turns picking up threads from multiple characters and tying them all together.  Great mystery read in a fascinating series.

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