What Was Lost by Catherine O’Flynn

 I saw this one mentioned on a blog and picked it up from the library.  The premise is that a precocious ten year old private detective, who of course is an orphan and currently lives with a relative who want to pack her off to boarding school, disappears.  A young man is suspected and it ruins his life and his family’s even though nothing is ever proven.  The story picks up again when the adult sister of the suspect  and the security guard of a local mall where Kate hung out before she disappeared meet and pieces of Kate’s story come to life as clues are discovered.  sigh…it was just so boring.  It felt contrived and filled in with meaningless detail but things that would have been interesting are omitted.  I actually skimmed parts because it just was so uninteresting.

One thought on “What Was Lost by Catherine O’Flynn

  1. Tina says:

    That’s too bad, I hate when a book gets favorable reviews or good attention then I find it boring. I think I will skip this one.

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