Killer Crust & How to Be a Good Wife

Killer Crust is book 5 in the Pizza Lovers Mystery series.  I read book 1 and really enjoyed it, but when I went to get the next one my library only had book 5 &  6, so I skipped a little.  Turns out a lot must have happened in book 2,3, & 4 that I missed.  In this outing in the series, Eleanor and Maddie are taking part in a pizza making contest hoping to win $25,000 to invest in the shop.  The contest takes place at a resort in town and of course shortly into the contest there is a murder.  The murder happens to be Luigi, aka George, the judge and creator of the contest.  Maddie and Eleanor begin to investigate with Kevin’s blessing, far different from their relationship with Kevin in book 1.

Even with reading the book out of order I still enjoyed it and the mystery.  i liked the fact that it appears that there was definitely growth in the characters as the series progressed.  I am sure that I will go back and pick up the other books at some point.  Quick, fun cozy mystery read.

How to Be a Good Wife.  I think there was a sign that I was not supposed to read this book.  I ordered it online from my library. I got the email it was in and ready for me, but when I got there no one could find it.  Went back the next day and they still couldn’t find the copy supposedly on hold for me, but they had it in large print so I just checked that out.  I should have just walked away…

This book does not have a resolution…really…on purpose according to the author, who I am sure is a perfectly lovely person who just happened to write a book that made me want to throw it against the wall and howl in frustration and still has me raging.  My poor mother was trapped in a car with me this afternoon and had to listen to my rant.

There are types of books that do not give a clear cut ending or resolution to story lines, usually literary fiction type books.  The problem with this particular book is it is written as a thriller, reads as a thriller anyway, and there was information hidden from the readers, so they will never know if they are right or wrong in siding with Marta or Hector.  You give me a mystery, you expose some clues, you suggest unreliable narrator,and then nothing, nothing.   I just can’t….

One thought on “Killer Crust & How to Be a Good Wife

  1. Ronnie Reads & Reviews says:

    Haha. I guess Emma Chapman didn’t know how to end a book.

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