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I saw then that beside the archway was an enclosure, and within it a great retriever, who at the sight of me barked furiously.  I murmered to him, but it was useless.  The sound of my voice drove him to greater fury, and I turned back to the shelter of the cedar, where he could not see me, and waited for him to quieten before deciding upon my further move.  The barking continued intermittently, then settled to a muttering, and finally to silence and once again I ventured forth and looked about me, and up at the massive walls of the chateau, forbidding, pale, yet strangely beautiful in the clear light beneath the moon.  A door in the terraced wall led to the grounds beyond, and some impulse made me pass through it, and stand looking over the sunken moat to the verdure where the cattle had wandered, to the ghostly alleyways bordering the forest, and the silent dovecot, and the broken swing.

Daphne Du Maurier – The Scapegoat

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