Sloane Monroe Book 2 & 3

This was a 3 book set that I picked up on offer from Amazon.  I read book 1, Black Diamond Death, quite some time ago and now I finally came back to finish book 2, Sinnerman, and Book 3, I Have A Secret.  I really like the character of Sloane, she is fiercely independent, brave and uncompromising.  It is this last characteristic that leads to many of the situations she ends up in.

Sloane is a PI, who still mourns the death of her sister at the hand of a serial killer.  She uses this grief over her sister’s unsolved murder as motivation to solve crimes and see criminals brought to justice.  There are some romantic elements throughout the books, but I don’t want to say too much and give any of the twists and turns away.

The strength in these books is the investigative work Sloane engages in to solve the crimes.  This is not an unprofessional sleuth, who just stumbles across clues and suspects, but rather a methodical hard working professional.

My only issue with the books in this series is the seem too short.  There are characters I would like to see explored more but with all the detail in the investigative piece of the plot and the shortness of the books there simply isn’t time to develop them more fully.

Well written, quick-to-read mysteries with a strong, professional female lead.

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