A Sinister Sense & Reaper’s Legacy

sinister sense Reapers legacy


A Sinister Sense is the second book in a mildly paranormal cozy mystery series, A Raven’s Nest Bookstore Mystery series.  I am enjoying the characters, Clara Quinn, her mother, Jessie, and the others.  In this book, Rick, Clara’s love interest, is framed for murder and Clara investigates to clear him, much as she did in the first book for Molly.  Clara acquires a new sidekick in this outing, Tatters, a loveable but slightly nuts dog.  I love the theme and the small town setting.  The mystery  plot was not as strong in this book as the first, there was really only one suspect put forth, but the other elements were good.  I will read another in this series.

Reaper’s Legacy is the second in the Reaper’s Motorcycle Club erotic romance series.  I am enjoying this sexy, gritty series as a guilty pleasure.  I was surprised by this one because I wasn’t really drawn in after reading the blurb.  I pre-ordered it because I had liked the first one and I was happy to find I liked this one a great deal as well.  There are recurring characters, including Horse and Marie from the first book and the characters are developing over time.  There are also references to events in the first book, so I would definitely suggest reading in order.  Warnings would be explicit language, sexual content with some elements of reluctance, and alpha male testosterone overload.  Looking forward to the next one in this series.

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