Weekend Cooking 2.1.14

wkendcooking  This is a meme hosted by BethFishReads found here.

I am cleaning up, culling, packing and moving some items into storage so cooking is on the minimal side this weekend, however I am still trying to use up some ingredients that I have.

Right now as I’m typing there is a chicken soup in the slow cooker.  This is one of those …hmmm what’s left in the house… let’s put it into a soup recipes.I had  3 carrots, 2 stalks of celery, a couple onions, a cooked carcass and chicken breast I had thrown in the freezer for soup, a couple potatoes, some parsley,  a half bag of frozen peas, chicken broth and rice.

  1.  Diced the carrots, celery and onion together and sweated in a pan.
  2.  Peeled and sliced the potatoes
  3. Put the chicken, sliced potatoes, peas and broth in the slowcooker
  4. Added the veggies once softened.
  5. Put crockpot on for 4 hours
  6. Cooked the rice on the side
  7. Served by putting a scoop of rice in bowl and ladling soup over it.

Earlier today I made one of my go-to recipes from Woman and Home. (I love their recipes!)  This is a Fruit Bannock.  My family loves this.  Recipe to be found here. I’ve been making this one for a while and it comes out perfect every time.  I use whatever dried fruit I have available.

Picture from Woman and Home website.