Read-a-thon Book 1: Murder on the Candlelight Tour by Ellen Elizabeth Hunter


Finished book 1 for Dewey’s Read-a-thon.  This is book 2 in a mystery series that I found when the first book was chosen  by the Cozy Mystery Corner book club on Goodreads.  I was one of the few members who liked the first book in this series.  I found the mystery well done in that book and this one.

Just like in the first book,, I like the main character, her sister and her sidekick.  Her love interest, Nick runs hot and cold, but it made him interesting to me.  Her sister’s boyfriend, Joel was a little too stereotypical Hollywood con man  This book connected several crimes, an old robbery and a couple new murders.  There were lots of clues and red herrings.  The issue with this book, like the first, is that sometimes the dialog is unnatural or stilted and in a couple places, I actually had to go back and reread to understand what I had read.  Still, I think there is enough good about this books, well plotted mystery and interesting characters, to make me want to continue with it.

On to a visit to my local book shop and then back for more reading!

2 thoughts on “Read-a-thon Book 1: Murder on the Candlelight Tour by Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

  1. Nat says:

    First of all, the comment box is right next to your twitter widget and I couldn’t help but notice the username. A fellow fanfic reader! Huzzah! 😛

    Didn’t know about this Cozy Mysteries goodreads group. Will have to take a look at it, ’cause it sounds great. And I need some extra motivation to finish reading the Lord Peter Wimsey series…

    ANYway, happy reading (and book shopping)!

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