Lucy Arlington: Buried in a Book



Just finished Buried in a Book by Lucy Arlington, first in the Novel Idea Mystery series.  The book features a very charming setting, a bohemian life style type of community.  The protagonist, Lila, her mother and son have an interesting dynamic.  A love interest is introduced in this first book as well.  I’m sure that will be expanded upon in future books.

The mystery was well done with some pretty good red herrings (I thought I knew the killer but I was wrong).  I did like that Lila is a woman starting over in her forties.  This makes her a character easy for me to relate to.  I enjoyed the books many literary references and quotes, I found it an engaging feature of the book.  I also liked a glimpse into the life of a literary agent.    I already have the next book Every Trick in the Book and I will read that soon.

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