Duffy Brown: Iced Chiffon


I read this book because it was the monthly read for the Cozy Mystery Corner Group on Goodreads.  I am so glad that it was selected because I really enjoyed it.  The main character, Reagan, was realistic and likable.  The other characters were entertaining and added to the story.  I am sure they will be fleshed out more in follow up books in the series.

The plot was interesting and engaging.  I almost finished in one sitting but it got too late and I had to put it down and get some sleep.  I did have an idea of who the culprit was but that did not take away from my enjoyment of the story.  A good use of misdirection cast some doubt in my mind anyway.

The theme of a high end consignment shop is fun. I tend to like cozies set around small businesses and this one also involves fashion  with a charming Savannah, Georgia setting.

I will definitely pick up the next one in this series!


2 thoughts on “Duffy Brown: Iced Chiffon

  1. Carole says:

    I like the cover too! Have a great weekend

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