Peg Cochran: Allergic to Death

Very cute opening to a new series.  I liked the fact that even though it was a series about a health conscious caterer/chef, you aren’t lectured about diet or exercise.  It flows as a natural part of the story.  This was a very quick read with red herrings and misdirection to drive the mystery.  I enjoyed it and I will read more in the series.   I will say that there is not as much humor in this book as one usually finds in modern theme based cozies, there was more emphasis on setting, character building and the mystery elements.

5 thoughts on “Peg Cochran: Allergic to Death

  1. aw, how ironic, while owning 2 Westies (the white dog on the cover), I found out I was allergic to their hair. Despite my family wanting to give them up, I didn’t and they lived long, happy lives with us. I miss them, such sweet girls.

  2. Jade says:

    This sounds like an interesting read. I have a love for crime, mysteries and thrillers and have always wanted to get in to exploring the ‘cozy mystery’ fiction. Thanks for the review 🙂

  3. […] night, the second in the Gourmet De-lite Mystery series.  I did enjoy this book, but the first one Allergic to Death is my favorite of the two.  I like the slow progress in the romance between GiGi and Detective […]

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